Celebrating Emma


Emma with her favorite toy, piggie

The world is full of the “best dog ever”, but I really think Emma was. She knew it was her job to make her mom and dad happy and she was very good at it. Emma would have been 14 in October, but not only was age getting the best of her body, cancer, a battle very few can win, had also invaded her. She was tired. Our wonderful vet had agreed to come over to the house so that Emma could be free of a body that was failing her.

Loving hands on a weimaraner

Emma only knew love

Emma was loved beyond measure. If love could have bought Emma more time, she would have easily lived to be over 100. But that just wasn’t meant to be.

Emma the weimaraner eating raw broccoli

Emma munching down on raw broccoli

Ever so carefully, Holly packed all of Emma’s favorite things. Raw broccoli probably isn’t the first thing that would come to most people’s minds, but Emma loved it.

Every morning without fail, Holly would fire up the Vitamix and Emma would stamp her feet, impatiently waiting for her green smoothie. Before she slipped away into a deep sleep, she slurped up her last green smoothie out of a glass. Go figure the weimie.

Weimaraner taking an apple

Holly and Emma sharing an apple

Truth be told, Emma probably loved apples more than she did broccoli. And maybe she loved the apples because she could share them with her girl. Anything with the girl she loved so much was special.

Weimaraner with a tennis ball

Emma and her tennis balls

A day without tennis balls just isn’t a good day. Apparently Emma could easily carry two tennis balls and three tennis balls was her record.

Silly weimaraner faces

The faces of Emma

In true weimaraner fashion, Emma was the queen of faces. She knew that it was her day to be silly and worried and assured and sad.

Weimaraner and her family

Emma, Joe and Holly

Emma loved her piggie, her tennis ball, raw broccoli and apples. But what Emma loved the most was her family. They took the best care of her ever when her body started to let her down.

Weimaraner paws and feet

Just hanging out

While we waited for the doctor to arrive, we just hung out in the back yard. We told Emma stories and we talked about all of the goofy things that a weimie does.

Weimaraner and family

Emma, Holly, Karen and Joe

We reminisced and we laughed. We all knew how much Emma would be missed.

Weimaraner and her girl

Emma and Holly

And we cried. We celebrated Emma, but we all knew what a huge hole she would leave in our hearts.



The most amazing thing happened though. As I took photos for an hour or so, I watched Emma get younger and younger. I took my last photos as the doctor was walking into our back yard and through my lens I saw a youthful dog ready to run through a big green field full of tennis balls listening for whirl of the Vitamix.

Beautiful weimaraner


 Emma Clara Bird Weimie Pants • October 10, 2000 to July 23, 2014

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