Next stop, cardiology

Greyhound resting

Under-the-weather Flo

She missed her dinner Saturday night. This girl is a chow hound, I knew something serious had to be going on. We not-so-jokingly refer to our vet clinic as our vacation home. We certainly pay a small mortgage there every month. We also don’t mind going in before they’ve opened their doors or even turned on the lights. We just kick our feet up in the lobby, find our favorite channel on the TV and generally make ourselves to home.

We love our vet clinic… they absolutely rock.

And, there we sat first thing Sunday morning. Flo’s heartbeat was somewhere north of off-of-the-charts. It was much too fast and irregular. Xrays, EKG, bloodwork, meds. Still much too fast and irregular. The EKG consult came back reading atrial fibrillation.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the cardiologist.

Last month Minnie had to see an opthamologist in Portland, diagnosis pannus.

I am just putting it out there in the universe, I have reached my …ologist quota for the year.

I’m just sayin’.

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