Photographing people part 2

Photographer showing a model her photo

Showing the model her photo   

Along with the street photography, we also with worked models and each other.

Guitar player playing in the late afternoon sun

Late afternoon rays   

On the third day we went to a hacienda on he Rio Grande with three models. The late afternoon light streamed through windows.

Girl looking out over the Rio Grande

Looking out over the Rio Grande   

We had assignments and one of our assignments was to capture a photo without a face.

Man sitting at the computer in the window light

Working in the light   

Tom was a student in the class that took the time to model in the window light.

Girl leaning into chair

One of those days   

This was our course coordinator and our instructor on the very first day.

Girl modeling

Assignment: Beautiful photo   

This is the course coordinator, Alicia. Our assignment was to take a beautiful portrait. This girl really knew how to work the camera.

Shadow thrown against the building

A self portrait   

All week long the assignment of a self portrait loomed over my head. I dreaded that assignment. Finally, on the last night there, I saw my shadow. Eureka! I had my self portrait.

Girl sitting in front of adobe wall

A corner of the world in New Mexico   

This was probably my favorite photo of the entire week. We were at the hacienda, the Rio Grand was flowing past us below. The adobe wall speaks volumes about where we were.

It was just a great week.

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