Pibble smiles

Blue pit bull mix smiling

Smile for the camera Blue   

I have always been smitten by blue dogs. Their coats are simply stunning. It’s no wonder that my heart skips a beat when I find out that I was going to be photographing a blue pittie.

Blue is a celebrity in these parts. During her search for her forever home, she graced the residence of the Governor’s mansion for a short time as a foster puppy.

Puppies as we all know and love have a playful energy that requires a bit more than just a casual game of fetch and she soon moved on to The Puppy Playhouse in Sherwood where her energy was matched with the energy of other dogs. After one of her first days of puppy play, she developed a limp that earned her a visit to the veterinarian.

The community of Sherwood then rallied to raise the much needed funds to repair a blown ligament in her rear hind leg.

Now the girl is a princess. She sports that classic pittie smile to prove it. Blue found her forever family in a home with boy that loves her, a mom that adores her and an unending supply of shiny new tennis balls. What more could a girl ask for?

Yes, Blue, I would say you are one lucky girl.

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