Rules of engagement

A boy and his dog

A boy and his dog   

It’s not a mystery that I love photographing pets more than anything. But my newest discovery has been how much I enjoy photographing kids with their pets. It’s magical, their actions with each other are so genuine and I find myself almost giddy when I have a session with both.

JD and Harris were certainly no exception. JD was adorable and Harris, well, just take a look at that guy, he’s gorgeous.

They had a soccer ball, and if I weren’t there, I would think that these two were discussing the rules of their upcoming soccer match.

A boy, a soccer ball and a dog

Game on   

There isn’t any mystery in this photo, Harris is patiently waiting for the ball to be released. He was such a good dog. He waited for JD to do what he needed to do and never once challenged JD.

A dog and his soccer ball

Some days you win, some days you don’t   

Guess we know who ended up with the ball.

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