A little grandma joy

Italian greyhound laying in the grass

Catching the shade on a hot August day   

Amidst all of the chaos and sadness at our house, it was such a joy to have a visit from our newest grand doggy Jericho yesterday. He and Caleb came with Megan when she came to love on Jori for awhile.

If dog and human were ever meant to be together, this boy was waiting for Sadie to send him Megan’s direction. He loves her like she is his one and only. He toured the acre for awhile before he pulled up a piece of shade near Jori.

Red and white Italian greyhound

He’s a handsome little devil   

This little guy is extremely handsome. He sat up and posed so proudly for me. I wish our grass hadn’t died, but it has been so beastly hot here, it just couldn’t be helped this year.

After the first few rains, we’ll be as green always.

I suspect he will be stunning in the green too.

Red and white Italian greyhound standing


I have always loved the looks of an Italian greyhound. They are so regal and so art deco with their delicate features and Jericho is no exception to the rule.

Thanks for the visit Little J. You and Caleb definitely brought a ray of sunshine to our day. (OK, your momma did too).

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