Foster family, Camp Stills style

White and brindle pit bull

Odin, the boy that started something good

Last fall my daughter Megan and her husband Ryan adopted Odin from Second Chance Salem. This boy has got to be the best pittie ever. Not only is he an awesome family dog, but he introduced Ryan and Megan to fostering.

Megan was still living at home when we fostered greyhounds, but it never occurred to me that she would take on the wonderful gift of fostering dogs as an adult.

White pit bull puppy


This adorable little beauty is Opal. She is about nine weeks old and deaf. When she is ready, she will be available for adoption through Second Chance Salem.

When I found out that Megan and Ryan were going to be fostering this little gem, I had no choice to but to invite my camera and I over to meet her. Good grief, they don’t get any cuter than this. Odin is perfect with all of the littles including their Italian greyhounds, Caleb and Jericho who just happen to think that Opal is just the right size for a pit bull.

Fawn American Staffordshire mix


Kiwi is a frequent flyer at Camp Stills. She stayed there for awhile a few months ago and now she is back for a visit. Check out the smile that girl is sporting. She’s thrilled to be back, Odin is her best friend in the world and she absolutely loves little Opal. She is also pretty darned amazing with the Italian greyhounds.

Kiwi is still waiting for her forever home through Second Chance Salem.

Staffordshire terrier and lab

Kiwi and Autzen

Since we were crashing their house to meet the baby, we figured we had better bring food and my younger daughter and her lab Autzen joined us.

Kiwi likes proper introductions to new dogs and I was so impressed to watch Ryan handle the introductions. Like a pro, he made sure they were friends before they ever got to play together. They did really well together.

It was an afternoon of chase and chewing on sticks.

White pit bull puppy


By the time we were ready to leave, little Opal was completely zonked. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than a sleeping puppy.

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