Good news, bad news kinda day

greyhound resting

Crystal waiting in the car to go home   

I grabbed this in the car on our way home from the vet clinic.

Yesterday we took a bit of a step backward in our progress post-amputation. Crystal has been on a fairly decent cocktail of pain meds and antibiotics since her surgery. Yesterday she started to drain on the underside of her stump and started the day with a fever of 104°. She still may need another surgery, right now we are just watching to see what is going to happen with the draining. This morning the fever was gone, but she still seemed to feel punk. She really didn’t want to walk, she didn’t want to eat and getting her to walk into the clinic for another round of IV antibiotics was difficult at best.

She did not want to be there.

Tonight when we went in to pick her up, she sat right up and was so happy to see us. I knew at that very moment we were turning the corner for better days ahead. She gave Karen a million kisses and laid her head down in my lap. When it was finally time to go, she was up on all three legs and nearly dragged Karen out of the clinic. She was one happy camper.

We got to the car and lifted the gate and the little fathead tried to jump, JUMP into the car. Little girlfriend, we’re not ready to that just yet. She ran as only a three-legger can out to the back yard when we got home.

The biopsy results are in from the broken bone. Just as we feared, she has osteosarcoma. I hate that cancer with every ounce of my being.

This one could be different for us however. We have always only gotten three to six weeks past diagnosis because it is such a painful cancer. Now that the leg is gone, the pain won’t take her out. We watch and we wait to see if it will move into another bone or metastisize to her lungs. It truly is a waiting and watching game now.

We promised her when we decided to amputate the leg that we would give her quality of life and we will keep that promise.

Judging by her behavior on the way out of the clinic, we are off to a good start.

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