Onward and upward

Greyhound looking up

Looking up for Crystal   

Crystal is feeling so much better now even though her leg is still leaking what feels like buckets of gooey stuff. She is amazingly steady on three legs and when she wants to move, as in head for the car in the parking lot at the clinic, I’m pretty sure she nearly reaches top greyhound speed.

Tomorrow she will go in under anesthesia, they will flush out the entire area hoping to find the pocket that is holding all of the puss and place a drain.

We’ve decided to go forth with chemotherapy. At this point we have everything to gain as long as her quality of life remains at the top.

Onward and upward, one day at a time.


  • houndstooth - Sending lots of good thoughts Crystal’s way!ReplyCancel

  • Xan Blackburn - Wow, Terri. You all are brave, good and kind. Much love to you and Crystal as you go through this adventure together. <3ReplyCancel

  • Virginia Reid - Oh my what a brave girl you are sweet Crystal … in spirit we know one another , you and I … be strong as soon all the bad will just be a whithered up old memory … all bright ahead for you dear one … my name is Blossom and I lost 2-legs … I come from a place of darkness, like Katie … we are healing now together and we will also help you along with your struggles … you are so deeply loved and cherished … there is still so much left for you to do here … we are here with you ?ReplyCancel