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A quick update for Crystal

A quickie from my iPhone    When we walked into the vet clinic, Crystal’s vet tech looked at us and said, “She isView full post »

Greyhound and Borzoi

Clean run to first base for Crystal

Crystal peaking from below Our little girl came through surgery with flying colors. I will never be able to give our vet clinic, docs andView full post »

Borzoi and greyhound

Do you duck or catch life’s curve ball

The view from our kitchen table. Every. Single. Day.    Here’s the abridged version, more details in the next few paragraphs. CrystalView full post »

Jack Russell Terrier mix

And today it’s Harley

Harley, available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter    Just look at this happy-go-lucky guy and tell me you are notView full post »

Black pit bull available for adoption

Meet Marley

Marley, waiting for his forever home at Marion County Dog Shelter    This handsome young man is awaiting the arrival of his forever familyView full post »

Borzoi laying in the sand

Borzoi blue

Longing for the beach    How I wish we were back at the beach. Zip does too.View full post »

havanese running

All day I thought it was Monday

This is how I felt, I thought today was Monday all day long    I didn’t realize it was Tuesday until 8 pm tonight. Is that a goodView full post »

Divot lofting higher than the golf ball

You know you are pet photographer when

Why I don’t golf, reason #1    I photographed a golf tournament today for the Chemeketa Community College Foundation. I always enjoyView full post »

Borzoi at the top of a sand dune

The beach zois

Zip and Timber, kings of the dune    In an attempt to escape the beastly heat of the valley, we headed out to the coast for a bit thisView full post »

Two borzoi resting in the grass

An evening with the Brothers Zoi

The Brothers Zoi resting in the grass    Every night, rain or shine, hot or cold the brothers zoi take a walk. We usually walk up to theView full post »

Pin-up photo by Portland Pin-ups

On the sunny side of the lens

Whatever you do Timber, don’t bolt! I know I am not alone when I say I hate having my picture taken. My brain still sees a young,View full post »