Sing it girlfriend

Treeing coon hound

Helen, available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter

I like all of the dogs that we do adoption photos for at the Marion County Dog Shelter. But this girl here really tugged at my heart strings.

Helen is a treeing coon hound and they figure she is about six years old.

treeing coon hound getting affection

Helen and Karen sharing a moment

Not only is this girl stunning, but she is one of the most affectionate dogs. She ever so gently stretched up to share some affection with Karen. She has a look of adoration in her eyes.

Treeing coon hound singing

Helen serenading us

I was completely amused at Helen’s singing. That girl loved to hear herself. She sang ballads, a little opera, maybe some rap and a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll.

Treeing coon hound baying

Helen singing

She talked about the cooler weather we just happened to be enjoying at the moment. In fact, it was just starting to rain.

Treeing coon hound howling

Helen singing to her forever family

Mostly, Helen sang about how she longed for her forever family.

Treeing coon hound


I really liked Helen, she’s sweet and affectionate. If you know of anyone that has been around hounds and might be looking for another, she is definitely worth meeting at the Marion County Dog Shelter.

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