Are you taking me home?

White and red American Pit Bull Terrier


We went out to the Marion County Dog Shelter today to photograph the dogs available for adoption. There were some really wonderful heart stoppers there today. Rascal was one of them.

Karen is always with me to assist and sometimes from my vantage point I catch these looks from the dog to Karen, longing looks as if to say “Are you going to take me home?” Those are always the hardest. If only we had room, every nook and cranny would have a dog bed.

This is Rascal. He’s a three-year old American pit bull terrier and he was wonderful. He’s very affectionate and with a family that is willing to work with him just a little bit, he will blossom into a wonderful family member.

If you are looking for a new family member, it’s worth a trip out to the Marion County Dog Shelter just to meet Rascal.

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