I’ve got it! I can do this

Lab and Bull Mastiff mix


Last Sunday I had the pure pleasure of photographing Levi and his sleek brother Nitro just outside of Sherwood, Oregon. They were awesome dogs and so much fun.

Levi believes that if there is a ball to chase, that he must take flight and go after it.

The look on Levi’s face is perfect at this moment in time.

You know that feeling when you schedule a vacation months out. The feeling that vacation time will never arrive, that you have all the time in the world to get all of those nit picky details done and out of the way?

Well, we leave for 11 days this week and Levi expresses quite well exactly how we are feeling right now.

So much to do, so little time, so excited, do we do this or do we do that, which way do we go first?

Alright Levi, I’m taking a page from your book. We’re gonna take flight and go after everything that needs to be done before we can leave.

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