My model T, Prince Charming edition

Red borzoi in sunlight

Yes, he still is my Prince Charming   

We were once again spending some quality time in the vet clinic today (have I mentioned that I lovingly refer to the clinic as our vacation home? Believe me when I say we make a mortgage payment to them every month).

One of the staff asked if I had forgotten about Timber since Zip joined us. Au contraire mon ami. Timber still lights up my life, he’s still my model T. It seems that summer of grand ideas and bucket list photos for our dogs got railroaded.

Tonight we had a haze on the horizon from the wildfires that are still burning. As much as I hate that we have the fires, the haze gives the evening sun such a beautiful quality. We had just a little bit of time to work a couple of the dogs before my light was gone.

Timber never disappoints me.

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