The ugg-able, loveable Sadie

Red merle Australian shepherd

Lil’ Miss Sadie   

I have determined that calling myself a pet photographer is a dangerous job. It goes something like this: I meet beautiful and wonderful dog, my heart quickly disappears and is no where to be found. Wonderful dog goes home and I spend the rest of the day wondering where my heart went.

Sadie was certainly no different.  I was head over heals in love with her from the first tail wag. She drew me in with her beautiful two-toned eyes and then I got lost with those amazing paws. Her mom said she called those paws her Ugg boots. So fitting.

Lil’ Miss Sadie is 11 years old and has wrapped every inch of her mom around those paws. Those two are a true mutual admiration society. Sadie would have done anything her mom asked of her and I’m guessing her mom would do the same.

Red merle Australian shepherd

Are they talking about me?   

Oh Sadie, thank you so much for coming by to have your family photo with a haunted twist, you made my day.

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