Butterflies in December

Two papillon

Coco and Lucky   

A co-worker brought her two little papillons over for Christmas present photos. Seriously, could these two get any cuter? Coco and Lucky are litter mates and they flitted around my rustic little studio just like fluffy butterflies.

White papillon


Lucky is the big brother of the pair. He really was quite attentive and eager to please. Of course, it helped that I just happened to have the best treats in town in the palm of my hands.

When I asked his mom what kind of photos she was looking for, she just wanted me to capture their butterfly like ears.

White papillon


Clearly these two had no problem showing off their ears.

They were so dainty, it was a treat having some time to play with them.

Two papillons

Lucky and Coco   

I suspect that if I had these two around very often, I would be rolling around in laughter and have a perpetual smile.

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