The faces of Walker

Border collie cross


I have to admit that when I saw the big white and black dog get out of the car for his adoption photos I was almost giddy. I have always been attracted to white and black dogs. They are so elegant and Walker was certainly no exception to the rule. He held his head high as he strutted into my little rustic studio.

white and black border collie cross

Such a happy boy   

He has to be one of the happiest boys on earth waiting ever so patiently for his forever home through Canine Miracle Rescue. He is the picture of “live in the moment and take each day as it comes.”

White and black border collie cross

Let me entertain you   

He had the best goofy dog looks I have ever seen. They just sent his DNA tests in and I can hardly wait to see his breeds. On the outside he really looks like he has some border collie. Those cheeks and lips though, they have to have come from some big slobbery dog. I might add, Walker is neither a drooler or a slobberer.

Border collie cross

Soulful eyes   

As we worked through the session I could see the old soul in his eyes. Behind those gorgeous browns lies a big dog with an even bigger heart of gold with so  much love to give and receive.

Border collie cross

Walker, lap dog   

Never, ever let the size fool you though. Because, at the end of the day, Walker is nothing more, nothing less than a bigger than the average cuddly lap dog.

If you look closely into his eyes, you will see that Walker is destined to become someone’s heart dog, their soul mate.

If you are looking for that perfect partner, contact Canine Miracle Rescue and find out more about Walker.

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