Yearly Archives: 2014

Red hot chilies

Piquin   One litter, five little girls, leaping and rolling and jumping. When they weren’t leaping and rolling and jumping, they madeView full post »

Talk to the paw

Baby Bell and Scotch    Today was my lucky day. Second Chance Salem brought over five of the cutest puppies 12-week old pittie puppies forView full post »

Beach bound hounds

Crystal and Pete    I grew up in the Rocky Mountain region, specifically Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Lots of cold, lots of snow and noView full post »

Saturday night with my model T

Timber    Clearly we don’t have very exciting Saturday nights around here. It is completely up to Timber to entertain us.View full post »

Vicki’s girls

Jen    Volunteering is sometimes really hard work, sometimes totally unappreciated and many times heart breaking. Everyone that I have everView full post »

One more kitty

Just one more kitty from the cat colony yesterday. This little guy came walking down the path. Apparently he is not part of the colony butView full post »

Is that for me?

I’m working on a small project for the Willamette Humane Society and feral cats. What a treat. I visited my first cat colony today.View full post »