Cat’s eye

Cat face


Many moons ago, I lived for the darkroom. I bought rolls and rolls and rolls of black and white film and every chance I go, I would scamper out to take photos and race back to the dark room.

Standing in a small blackened room, the size of a broom closet, I would feel my way as I wound the film onto a spool. Ever so carefully I developed the roll of film and proceeded to the enlarger to make the test strips and then on to the prints. It was great fun, almost magical as I watched everything develop.

I learned quickly how important it was to get everything as perfect as possible before the photo was ever taken.

Fast forward to the digital age. It’s still just as important to me to have the photo perfect before I ever take it. But now, I have a digital license. The creativity is endless.

Some nights I just look through some of my sessions in search of something I may have missed on my first passes.

Jax jumped out of my monitor and said “pick me!”

Tiger stripe cat


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