First loves

laying dog


She was his first love. Matt took her for walks and rides and told her everything about his day.

Ariel listened and assured Matt that everyday was the best day. She came to him as a young puppy 11 years ago. Every day Ariel loves him as much as the day they met.

Then, one day Matt met a real girl and fell in love. Ariel was so happy for them and they all became a real family.

Coon hound retriever mix


Denise never had a dog. Ariel was the first dog she had ever been around (she’s a cat kinda girl). Axel is her first dog, second love. Matt searched high and low to find the perfect puppy for Denise.

Axel is just five months. Judging by the size of those paws and gangly legs, he’s got a lot of growing left to do.

Two dogs laying

Axel and Ariel   

And so, Axel is the big little brother and Ariel is the little big sister. And together, they will live happily ever after.

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