My ten favorite photos of 2014



I admit that I don’t get to photograph enough kitties and Jax was probably one of the funnest cats that has ever been in front of my lens.

African grey parrot


This guy was simply amazing. He preened and showed off. I could have easily spent hours just watching him.

Border collie


I don’t always know where my sessions will be located, I like to visit new places and eye my settings on the fly. Pip lives on a hill top just outside of Wilsonville.

This photo was probably one of my most important photos of the year. It represents the sheer joy I feel when I am photographing pets.

Two havanese

Koko and Sydney

These two were happy, happy little dogs and they are the reason for the quote, “when the fir flies.”



Zippy is our boy, he joined us in May and is every bit as regal and elegant as his photo looks.

Lab-Bullmastiff mix


This guy is the perfect gentle giant. I actually went out to his place in Wilsonville so that his portrait could be on display at Nature’s Pet in Wilsonville.

Chestnut horse


Maybe we’ve been watching to much Heartland, but I gained a huge love for horses. They are so majestic and beautiful and Shelby was incredible.

terrier mix


A major part of my mission is to support all animals available for adoption. I will always volunteer my time to photograph adoptable pets. It is an honor for me to take adoptable dog photos. This cute little guy was available for adoption with Second Chance Salem. Seriously, could he get any cuter.

Soft-coated wheaten terriers

Dexter and Cameron   

I would love to say that Oregon weather is picture perfect all of the time, but it is completely unpredictable. So, the best thing is to just go with the flow. As it turns out, I loved the slightly wet dog look.

two boxers

Biggs, Honey and Santa Paws   

Every year I am fortunate enough to do a series of events and donate the money to the non-profit organizations that invite me. It really is win/win for everyone. I have so much fun, meet some amazing dogs and cats, I am able to donate some money back to non-profit organizations, something I really believe in and it gives everyone a chance to sample my work and help out a non-profit organization at the same time.

This year I had the great fortune of meeting Richard, absolutely with a doubt the best Santa Paws ever. We’re already booked for several events next year. I can hardly wait.

Two borzoi

Timber and Zip

I know, I know I said my ten best. But I would be amiss if I didn’t include our borzoi. Ten days on the southern Oregon coast was the best vacation ever.

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