The cowdog

White and black greyhound

Jerry Jr.   

When I adopted my first greyhound, I had never seen a greyhound before, I just knew it was love at first sight. After I started to volunteer, I met many greyhounds and then, I met my first white and black greyhound, affectionately known as the the cowdog.

I was immediately in love with coloring and even after all of these years, I find the cowdog striking.

A few years back, Oregon Greyhound Adoption had a boy in the kennel named Jerry. I loved that boy, he was simply amazing but it just wasn’t the right time to adopt him. As it turns out, he got adopted by a previous adopter and now lives the best life ever in Alaska.

This guy is his son and I have a sneaking suspicion that he is going to be as wonderful as his father.

He’s available for adoption through Oregon Greyhound Adoption.

White and black greyhound

Portrait of Jerry   

It just so happens that the adoption group is gearing up for their first event of 2015. They will be at Heathy Pets NW—Woodstock store on January 24. They have some truly beautiful greyhounds with wonderful personalities for adoption right now. Even if you have never thought about adopting greyhound, it’s a treat just to meet them.

Greyhound Adoption Event, Saturday, January 24

Greyhound Adoption Event, Saturday, January 24   

I’m not sure if Jerry Jr. will be one of the greys attending the event, but I promise you that who ever they bring will be wonderful.

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