With love, the grand doggers

Chocolate lab and long-haired weimaraner

Autzen and Goldee   

Ah yes, the grand doggers once again came for a visit to grandma’s house. I would be lying if I didn’t say there were total nutcases once they got here.

We have this beautifully fenced acre and they love to visit. It is just like having their own private dog park and the minute they hit the drive-way, they know exactly where they are at.

It was after dark when they arrived and we have had so much rain, that I’m pretty sure there is more standing water and mud than green grass, so the disappointment they felt when they didn’t get to go out and play must have been just this side of tragedy. They tried everything in their power to go out the door that leads them to their playground.

I must have told my son-in-law 50 times we’d try one more time to get the pose. I think I heard him muttering under his breath on the third time from the end. It was worth every minute we spent trying to get the photo.

Oh how I love my grand doggers.

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