Another Goldee first

Long-haired weimaraner smiling

Happy Goldee   

While the east coast is getting inundated with miles of snow, out here in Oregon we are having unseasonably wonderful weather.

Goldee had never been to the beach and Holly and Joe thought it was time.

Long-haired weimaranar

Goldee dancing on the beach   

This girl was dancing the minute her tootsies hit the sand. She loved it immediately.

Chocolate lab running


Her sister Autzen is a seasoned beach attendee. She knows the minute they get there, that the tennis ball comes out and the miles of sand and surf are hers for the taking.

Long-haired weimaraner

Goldee with an attitude   

Goldee isn’t quite so savvy off-leash yet and she quickly let Autzen know her feelings on the subject.

Lab and weimaraner running

Autzen and Goldee enjoying a sunny Oregon day in February   

Never fear however, the 30 ft lead that Holly was attached to on the other end still allowed plenty of running and play time.

Long-haired weimaraner

Goldee and Holly   

I’m pretty sure by the end of the day, Holly had her work-out in for a week.

Chocolate lab


Autzen only had eyes for the tennis ball the entire time we were there. She would wait all day for Joe to pitch the tennis ball with the chuck-it.

Long-haired weimaraner running

Goldee expressing pure joy   

Goldee has to be one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. When Holly and Joe picked her up in Eastern Oregon, she was a tad bit shy. Five and half months later, this girl is happy and confident and knows that Joe, Holly and Autzen are her moon and stars.

Chocolate lab

Autzen running in the surf   

Autzen knew it the minute we hit the parking lot. She could hardly wait to run and play in the surf.

Long-haired weimaraner and chocolate lab

Goldee and Autzen   

At the end of the day, these two were exhausted but extremely happy dogs.

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