Happy is the hound

Black greyhound


With a couch and home to call her own.

Oregon Greyhound Adoption will be at Furever Pets Saturday, February 28 between 11 am and 2 pm to show-off a couple of their greyhounds that they have for adoption.

We have been a fan of greyhounds for a very long time. They are loving and fun, and yes, it’s true what they say about them… they are 45 mph couch potatoes. I currently have Fergie curled up on the coveted cushion beneath my desk right now and Pete is right behind me on a cushion.

If you have ever wanted to meet a greyhound, this is the perfect time. OGA will have some beautiful hounds that would love nothing more than to have their ears scratched, lean into you and whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

Becca is one of the girls available for adoption. She is what we affectionately refer to as a broodie. She had a few races, had a litter of pups and now she is ready for a couch to call her own. Broodies are wonderful dogs. For us, they always adapted the best. They’d come in, look around, find their cushion and they were home. She was born in August 2008, she’s a perfect age. She’s a happy girl.

Tomorrow might be the perfect day to wander over to Furever Pets and meet a greyhound.

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