Paws crossed

German short-hair mix


Karen and I went out to the Marion County Dog Shelter today to photograph the dogs available for adoption. As always, there were some really nice dogs out there. They had younguns’ and a couple of seniors, they had itsy bitsy dogs and a few gentle small giants.

But the dog that looked into my soul and said “take me home, I’m yours,” is Indy. Indy is a golden oldie, a German short-hair pointer cross, probably about 10 years old. He has the eyes of an old soul, his wisdom can be measured in years. He studied me from the other side of the lens and it was very easy to get lost in his gaze.

I know from my years with greyhound adoption that sometimes finding a home for senior dogs can be tough. I also know from all of the senior greyhounds that we have adopted that they are the most rewarding dogs to adopt. They walk right in, find the best cushion in the house and rarely give an ounce of trouble. The love they share is ten-fold, they know their time with you might be a little shorter than most dogs, so they make the most of it. They are almost always completely house-trained, they are almost always more mellow and they enjoy all of the finest things in life to the fullest. They love a sunny patch to lay in, walks in the park and car rides just for the sake of the car ride.

German short-hair cross


It’s true, Indy has his paws crossed that his forever home comes along very soon so that he can enjoy the finer things in life, a sunny patch, a walk in the park and a joy ride in the car, just for the sake of going for a ride.


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