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Red borzoi

My big red dog

Timber    Not very far from our house is the most beautiful field of purple flowers. I have no idea what they are, but every year at thisView full post »

Dog looking at person

I love you. I love you back.

Ginny I recently saw an informal poll asking photographers if they preferred to be in front of the lens or behind the lens taking theView full post »


A little privacy please

Belle    My assignment at the tree farm I visited wasn’t to photograph the farm animals or family pets. The minute I drove into theView full post »

Long-haired weimaraner

Friday night follies

Goldee    What can I say. They threw the ball, she thought she had it. And, she missed it.View full post »

Chocolate lab puppy

If they could just say little

Autzen    I guess this is a throwback Thursday photo. This is our grand dogger Autzen when she was a wee one in February 2008. I wasView full post »

Fawn and white greyhound

Adopt a greyhound month

Flocko    April is adopt a greyhound month and I would be completely amiss if I didn’t put in a plug for one of my favorite breeds,View full post »

White and brindle greyhound

Celebrating Flo

Flo I will never forget the first time I met Flo. I had actually flown down to Florida to bring Minnie home from the race track. I had noView full post »

Boxer pittie running

Run doggie run

Kelani    Our adventures with pet photography take us to wonderful places near and far. On Sunday we went out to a farm that is almost aView full post »

Red and white chihuahua

A heartfelt thank you

Freckles— circa 2012 It has almost been three years since I pulled into the parking lot at Marion County Dog Shelter. My palms were sweaty,View full post »

apricot poodle mix

Happy, fortunate and lucky

Asher We went out Saturday morning to photograph the adoptable dogs at the Marion County Dog Shelter. Sweet, sweet Asher was one of them. IView full post »


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

When Mr. Handsome strolls by My calendar for today said 9 am, Yamhill Valley Campus. I do love the part of my day job at the college thatView full post »