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Calico cat


Tipper    I got a call last week from Meow Village a cat rescue in Aurora asking if I would take some photos of their adoptable kitties.View full post »

Woman and two borzoi

Week three

Karen, Timber and Zippy    My portrait assignment this week was a inspired by the French fashion photographer Sarah Moon. Although fashionView full post »

Two greyhounds and a woman

Happy me

Terri, Athena and Mercury    What makes me happy you ask? Sitting in the center of a wet field and getting some greyhound puppy love. Nope,View full post »

Two dogs

Designer dogs—Vera Wang and Prada

Prada and Vera Wang    It started out as a romantic gesture. Richard was off to buy Patty perfume for Christmas. As he searched theView full post »

Borzoi and woman

Having a moment

Zip and Karen    I am currently taking a portrait photography class that is fabulous. I’m learning so much and enjoying every minute.View full post »

Borzoi in black and white

My Model T in black and white

Timber    I don’t work very often with black and white and I don’t really know why. My shear love for making pictures startedView full post »

White and brindle greyhound

Fergie of 1,000 ears

The girl with 1,000 ear poses    Yesterday was one of the those perfect photo days. The skies and the clouds in the morning belonged to me.View full post »

Dark brindle dog

Have cheese, will please

Sable coveting the crocodile    Meet Sable. She’s another one of the dogs that made the journey from the Eugene area to Salem to haveView full post »

Black dog

Designer mittens

Brice    This handsome young lad is Brice. He came up from the Eugene area today to have his official adoption portraits taken. He hasView full post »

Throwing way back Thursday

Buster We’ve been doing some updating and re-arranging and during all of that, I came across some photos that I brought back from myView full post »


Meeting Bailey

Bailey    I’m pretty sure Bailey is the first chow that has ever graced my camera. When she and her dad arrived, he warned me. HeView full post »