Beau Handsome

Fawn greyhound posing in a field

Beau Handsome

Legs that go forever, athletic and handsome. Total model material. Meet Beau, Beau Handsome.

We went up to the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel to take photos of the new hounds. Beau isn’t new, but he needed a new glamour photo for his adoption picture on their website.

I fell head over heals in love with this guy. He’s spunky and happy and when his forever family finds him, they are going to get more love from this boy than they ever thought possible.

Fawn greyhound

Paws crossed

I have no doubt that Beau’s forever family isn’t far away. Still, Beau has his paws crossed that his forever family and families for his hound friends in the kennel are not far away.

You’ve heard me say it before, but it goes without saying, retired racing greyhounds make wonderful pets. They love their humans and are such a delight to share the bed with.

Fawn greyhound

The silly grin that only a greyhound can have

Who could turn a face like this down? Oh Beau, so handsome.

Take a look at the hounds available for adoption at Oregon Greyhound Adoption.

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