Face washer extraordinaire

White American pit bull terrier mix


The best days ever come when I am lying in the grass with an amazing dog eight feet in front of me just waiting for me to capture a photo that will land them a perfect family.

Hunter is that boy. White knight in furry armor comes to mind. Hunter is a gentleman, he’s happy, he’s hunky.

When we are Marion County Dog Shelter Karen and I have this fabulous system. She brings the dogs to me from the kennels and as I sit in the grass waiting, they come right up to me for a proper introduction and then we go to work on getting their adoption photos.

Hunter was different. With all of the confidence in the world, he came up to me and ever so gently swiped across my face with his big and gooey tongue. And then, I got another big kiss and another. My face was completely clean by the time he was done.

Hard as he tried, there was no wiping the smile off of my face.

White American pit bull terrier sitting

Waiting and watching   

Hunter is a proud boy, a humble boy, an excellent dog. He knew his basic commands and with each command he did what we requested of him. He is definitely a gentle giant that will be loyal and true to the family that takes him home. And, I might add that he deserves a family that will be loyal and true to him.

White American pit bull terrier mix portrait

Portrait of Hunter   

There is one more minor thing I have to mention about Hunter. He is gorgeous. His coat is all white and his eyes are mesmerizing. He has one eye of blue and the other of brown.

He’s available for adoption at Marion County Dog Shelter, he is definitely worth trip out there to meet. A gentle soul waiting for his family to find him.

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