Love me if only for a day

English setter


This beautiful boy is Colby, a 10.5 years old English setter hoping for a family to help him enjoy his golden years in a loving home. We met him on Saturday when we went out to Marion County Dog Shelter to photograph the dogs available for adoption.

I remember when we adopted our first greyhound. I wanted a young dog, a dog that would grow old with my daughters, a dog that would live a long time. The thought of adopting an older scared me. It was only seven months later when Phoebe came home. She was a retired brood mama with a sway back and cataracts. She was 11 years old. She brought home a wisdom and appreciation that only a senior dog knows. She brought laughter and mischief and a no-nonsense attitude. She lived to be 14 and half years old and even though we only got to enjoy her for three short years, she brought us as much joy as she would have if she had been with us for all 14 years of her life. I would never hesitate to bring a senior dog home again. They are somewhere on the other side of delightful.

And yes, just last year we brought home a 10 year old greyhound and she is the most mischievous of the pack.

English setter

Beautiful Colby   

Colby is a really special boy. He has a heart of gold, an old soul and yet he’s as spunky as a dog half of his age.

Colby is a special needs dog. Not only is he ten and a half, but he has a few lumps, one of them under his armpit. I’m not sure if he has been diagnosed, but that doesn’t really matter. What Colby needs soon is a family to bring him home, a family to love him even if it is only for a day, a month or if everyone is lucky a few years.

English setter

Colby is waiting to meet you   

If you have room in your heart for this beautiful senior boy, please go out to the Marion County Dog Shelter and meet him. He truly is sweet beyond words and promises to deliver joy-filled days of love.

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