Summer is officially here



The last day of finals week at the local community college marks the kick-off of summer. I work year around, but for many of the students, their year is officially over.

I remember as a young girl loving summer breaks. It meant riding my bike, skipping stones on the nearby pond and lying in the grass watching the puffy white clouds float by. My favorite time of day was always the evening. The days were warm but as the sun started to go down a cool breeze would bring some crispness into the air. The sounds of summer, children laughing and dogs barking, would echo throughout the neighborhood. Ah yes, the pleasant memories of my childhood.

Summer brings a whole new set of memories now. I still look forward to my evenings, but I see them differently. Now I see the jewel tones in the night sky, I watch for the elusive dragonfly to flit around the yard and listen for the squirrels as they scamper through the trees.

This weekend also kicks off the series of Salem dog events. Sunday, June 14 is the first of many events. Vendors open at 8 am and the walk starts at 9 am. The Willamette Humane  Society is hosting their fourth annual Willamutt Strut at Riverfront Park. We will have our booth set up and ready to take the first summer photos and donate the proceeds from the event back to the Willamette Humane Society.

The event itself is great fun, dogs come in costume, vendors are there to share their knowledge and wares, and the demonstrations are always fun to watch. So grab your dog and your favorite leash and come join us at the Willamutt Strut. Stop by and say hello even if you aren’t ready for a summer pet portrait, we would love to see you.


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