The daily puppy

Two borzoi puppies

Glory and Sage   

As first time puppy parents, we are learning on the fly. To the say the least, it is most fun.

There are some things that breeders don’t disclose however. These two are growing like weeds. We had the silly notion that they would be puppies, or puppy sized for at least 2-3 years. Not an unreasonable request! They are nearly as tall now as the female greyhounds, it’s just that they have the gangly puppy bodies that they haven’t grown into.

We’ve also discovered that their batteries last much longer than they did even two weeks ago. Wearing them down to sleepy time takes a little longer every day.

We are loving every minute of puppy parenthood. (I might add a disclosure here, I took this many photos of my daughters when they were growing up and I know exactly where they are.)

White and tan borzoi puppy


My first priority of course is to make sure these two know how to model. Posing before the camera is of utmost importance in our household.

Red and white borzoi puppy


Sage seems to be the one with the growing spurt, he’s leaving poor Glory in the dust when it comes to height. I have no doubt they will both be striking full size borzoi when the day comes.

Two borzoi puppies

Glory and Sage   

And when the batteries do wear down, these two crash hard. I’m not even sure a team of wild horses could bring them back to life.

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