The parentals

White and tan borzoi


I often get inquisitive looks when people find out that we drove all the way to Plant City, Florida, nearly 7,000 miles, to pick up two puppies. We have a connection to the babies. This handsome guy is Aidan. His first litter brought us Timber and Zippy.

In 2010 Timber had already migrated to Oregon and was 13 months old when he came to live with us. The breeders didn’t know that all of this was happening until he was at our house, and I was naive and really didn’t know all of the ins and outs. Timber hadn’t been home four hours when the breeder sent me an e-mail introducing herself. She was happy to know where he was and only asked that I get ahold of her if I had any questions. We kept in contact and I frequently sent her photos of our beautiful red head.

Shortly after he joined us, he got sick… really sick. Our vet worked overtime with us as we tried everything we could to bring him back to health.

The breeder was so appreciative of all that we did for Timber and said that when she had her next litter, we could have a puppy.

Last year, 2014, one of the co-breeders that had Timber’s littermate Zippy contacted us. Zippy really wanted to be a pet and she thought it might be good for Timber to have his brother around. We arranged to have Zippy sent out here from Florida and it was probably the best decision we ever made. The two brothers love each other more than life itself. They knew each other the minute they met and have been best buds ever since.

Early in the morning on February 19, 2015 I got a message from the breeder. She just had a new litter of pups from the Aidan and there just might be a puppy for us if we were interested.

White and black borzoi


Cautiously excited, we waited to hear more. The pups were born prematurely and two of them had to be bottle fed. Day by day we checked in hoping the best of thoughts. The breeder spent hours fretting over the two bottle fed babies doing everything she could and especially worried about the little boy thinking he might be deaf and or blind. When I told Karen about the little boy, without missing a beat, Karen said we would take him too.

The two little babies thrived, nearly half the size of the rest of the litter in the beginning and by the time they were five months old, they were all the same size. I’m thinking that all of the tender loving care that went into those two babies was exactly what they needed to have to thrive.

Smudgely is the proud mama.

Mama borzoi and her pup

Smudgely and Glory   

Smudgely was a wonderful mama. On the morning before we left, she must have known something was up. She spent a tender moment with Glory telling her how much she loved her and reminding her to grow up and be a wonderful ambassador to the borzoi. The gentle kiss says everything.

Mama borzoi and pup

Smudgely and Sage   

In the early morning light she walked along side Sage. She must have known that her babies would be traveling to a far away place and that they would be loved beyond all words.

Mama borzoi and her pup

Sage and Smudgely   

As Sage looked forward to his new adventures in life, Smudgely looked back. A good mama knows how to love her babies enough to let them go forward into the world.

Our gratitude for the gift of these two babies comes from the bottom of our hearts and cannot be properly. We love them so much and they fit in like they’ve always been here. They are just beyond perfect.

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