Lacy knickers and muscle pants

Blue and gray long-haired weimaraners

Goldee and Jax   

When Holly and Joe brought Goldee, the exquisite long-haired weimaraner home, they were completely smitten. Goldee fit into the family like she had always been there and immediately became their lab Autzen’s best friend.

The search was on for Holly to find another long-haired weimaraner in the Portland area. I’m guessing she needed someone to compare weimie fluff with.

Enter Jax.

Jax is a ten-month old puppy from the same breeder in Eastern Oregon. As soon as he had all of his shots, he and Goldee were well on their way to becoming life-long friends.

Today, we met Jax, his brother Zeus and his sister Sadie at the beach. It was the perfect morning in every way and meeting Jax, Zeus and Sadie took it right over the top. Of course Goldee and Autzen came along for the good times.

Long-haired weimaraner


Admittedly, I don’t spend nearly enough time with my grand doggers and the other day when I saw Goldee, I was shocked to see how much her coat had grown.

She has the most beautiful pair of lacy knickers on her hind legs. The fluff has really out done itself with Goldee, she wears it well.

Blue long-haired weimaraner


And then we met Jax. Not only is Jax that striking steel blue color that I love so much, but check out his coat. So totally different from Goldee.

Jax is sporting the perfect muscle pants.

Who knew long-haired weimies grew masculine and feminine coats?

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