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Two borzoi puppies

Sage and Glory   

I finally got some overcast skies this weekend. I own that lighting. Everyone was thrilled to have it not quite as hot as it had been and the puppies took full advantage of extra playtime.

I admit, I really am a weanie and when it is so hot outside, nobody gets to stay out for very long.

Two borzoi puppies

Sage and Glory   

These two have definitely staked out their favorite toy. My daughter Holly left it at our place so that her girl could play with it when she came over, but I fear she’s gonna have to bring another one because Sage and Glory love this toy. They chase, they play tug and they stake out ownership of it every time they go out.

Two borzoi pups

My best friend   

These two are inseparable, they are best friend to infinity and beyond. Seriously, can they possibly get any cuter than this? This is what our every day, every minute looks like.

Borzoi puppy


Every two or three hours, they take a two-minute power break and this is what we get. Glory is sugar and spice and everything nice.

Borzoi puppy


And Sage, true to all of the big boys in my life knows exactly how to melt my heart.

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