Our days are busy

two borzoi puppy

Sage and Glory   

And well, our nights are just as busy. Having puppies around has changed all of the rules, in a very good way, but everything is different now. The two together are priceless. They play for hours on end. No leaf, no stick is safe. The baby pools strategically placed for cool fresh drinking water are now changed at least twice a day. Sage has taken it upon himself to drag half of the dirt from the backyard into each pool.

Once again, stuffed animals find themselves stuffless. And any shoes that were once carefully resting beneath the kitchen chair now mysteriously appear in the middle of the backyard. I can only guess they’ve grown fluffy legs and are walking out there on their own.

The days of stealing a happy nappy on the couch… Gone. Gone with the playful puppy that just caught it’s second wind with a 30 second power nap.

The back of my car is filled with shredded paper towel once neatly wound on a cardboard roll.

We are loving every minute of this and we wisely know that this joyful, full of energy puppy stage won’t last forever. They will be six months old in just a few days.

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