To the beach!

Borzoi puppies at the beach

Glory and Sage   

I read in a puppy training book that puppies should have 100 experiences in 100 days. We’ve fallen a tad short of that goal, but today we took the puppies to the beach for the first time.

When we arrived in Pacific City, we went left, a road untraveled by us. At the end of the road was Bob Straub State Park. It was a delightful beach, bordered by the ocean on one side and grasses on the other.

We could at least check off three more experiences off of our list.

The weather was picture perfect today. Lightly clouded and no wind. The kids seemed to really enjoy their stroll down the beach. They were pretty darn tuckered out on their way back. Sorry babies, you are too big to carry now.

Glory was the one that acted big and tough. She barked at the strange dogs, she barked at the waves and she barked at the horses as they walked past us. She thought the trinkets the horses left behind however, were delicacies.

Two borzoi pups at the beach

The rock at Pacific City behind Sage and Glory   

The first time the tide came in and nearly touched Glory’s tootsies was enough for her to realize she wasn’t about to get wet. She quickly figured out that the wet sand was in the tide danger zone and she much appreciated the dry sand.

This was the first time we had seen the rock outside of Pacific City from this direction. It almost felt surreal. I don’t know for sure what I was thinking, the rock is pretty big and quite visible.

I think my favorite was the beach grass. The beach we normally go to is north of Cape Kiwanda and the scrub pine trees line the beaches there.

Portraits of borzoi

Sage and Glory   

Despite their shear puppy exhaustion, the two babies were so good and they seemed to have a wonderful time.


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