Hop, skip and joy

Fawn greyhound


Cinderella, or Nelli Belli as we affectionately call her frequently skips about the acre. I see these photos of our dogs and it’s hard to believe how quickly time is going by. Cinderella is cruising on ten years old. I remember this little girl when she was just a pup. We helped load her on the truck to go southeast for training when she was a year old. We whispered in her ear and promised her a couch when she retired. A year later when she decided that racing just wasn’t her gig, Karen flew down to Florida to bring her home.

It was one of the Oregon’s weird winters. The day before they were supposed to fly home, we had a cold snap accompanied by snow and really cold. A dog can’t fly if the temps are over 80° or under 20° on the ground. Their arrival time was 7:30 pm and the forecast was iffy at best. Because it was hovering at 20°, they let her get on the plane.

When it snows in Oregon, the roads are never fully prepared. From Salem to PDX Airport it’s normally only a 60 minute drive. I bought new snow tires as soon as the tire store opened and strapped on the chains. Left an hour early and arrived at the airport three and half hours later.

Last summer she broke her toe, I’m sure running around and skipping much like this. Oddly enough, there isn’t much you can do with a broken toe but let it heal. It does my heart good to he her so happy.

The joy she shows in this photo is the joy she brings every day to our house.

It’s so true, our dogs bring us great joy and I will never be able to thank them for all that they bring.

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