The beach or bust

three dogs running on the beach

Jax, Sadie and Zeus

My favorite place to do a photo session is the beach. I’m pretty sure that on a warm, slightly overcast day the beach brings joy to everyone, but for dogs that are safe to be off-leash, there is no place like the beach.

I had the pure pleasure of meeting these three beauties in Pacific City. We all got up three cracks before dawn so that we could get there in the morning light.

Senior weimaraner


This handsome guy is Zeus. He’s turning the clocks toward 16 years old, but he’s a true weimaraner at heart and he has no idea he’s a day over three. He’s hard of hearing and cataracts dress his eyes, but he knew where he was and he loved every minute.

Cocker spaniel


This little dream boat in the sand is seven year old Sadie. She was teeny tiny standing next to the weimies, but she knew how to hold her own. In true dog fashion, age is only a number and it means nothing.

Blue long-haired weimaraner


And this strapping young man is Jax. A ten-month old blue long-haired weimie. A weimie doesn’t turn into an old dog until, according to Zeus until they are 17, so Jax has many puppy years ahead of him.

Three dogs on the beach

Sadie, Jax and Zeus

Their day started early, but it was worth every minute of fun they had in the sand. Especially since they could crash during the car ride home.

Weimaraner running the beach

Twinkle toes Zeus

The whole purpose of a session at the beach is to have fun. If we all don’t go home moderately wet and full of sand, I have not done my job.

Zeus amazed me. I could not believe how this golden jet setter weimie could run on the beach and never miss a beat. The tag on his collar should read “Will run for tennis ball.”

Cocker spaniel running

Freight train Sadie

Sadie cracked me up. It was nearly impossible for me not to laugh as I photographed her running on the beach. She is so low to the ground that she looked like a locomotive coming straight at me. That girl had some wheels, she could move.

Long-haired weimaraner running

Throw it again Jax

And then, there is endless weimie puppy energy that goes and goes and goes. I fear that arms of three humans would wear out before Jax was ready to quit.

Three dogs running on the beach

Jax, Sadie and Zeus

Did we have a good time you ask? Oh ya, just ask these three. I’m ready to go back any time.

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