40 months of puppy

Four moth old Rhodesian ridgeback puppies

Four-month-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppies   

It has been my pleasure for four years now to do the photography fundraiser for Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue—Pacific NW Region at Furever Pets in Portland, Oregon. I really have come to love the breed, they are amazing dogs. They are a lot like the greyhounds and borzoi in many ways and yet they are still so different.

Aubrey, the head of the group was the nanny to a litter of 13 puppies. When I met three of the puppies in September, with a coy smile she asked if I thought I could do all 13 if she brought them together at the photo fundraiser. It sounded like a good time to me and I spent the next six weeks planning how I was going to pull this off.

Every year Aubrey ever so carefully picks the theme for the fundraiser. We spend a few evenings every week leading up to the fundraiser talking about this color and that color and then, the peacock theme was born.

I loved the colors the minute I saw them and they seemed to be perfectly suited to the ridgeback red.

Aubrey could only round up ten of the 13 puppies. One-by-one we started to place them around the tree. It became crystal clear within minutes that the plan residing in my head was never going to be executed and that I was going to resort to the non-existent plans of B, C, and D.

Not wanting anyone to see me sweat, we moved forward with the puppy photos and I hoped beyond hope that my 23 some years of graphic design and Photoshop skills wouldn’t fail me now.

Driving home I looked at my trusty assistant Holly and shook my head. Holly said pick a time limit and don’t go past it if you can’t make it work. The challenge of layers and masks and more layers and more masks drove me to completion.

Introducing ten of 13 Rhodesian ridgeback four-month-old puppies. Could they possibly get any cuter?

  • Lovey Gilda Maslow - Terri, I cannot thank you enough for the photos of Mr. Maslow, Lovey and Gilda, James and myself. Sorry it took so long to let you know how thrilled I am with the photographs!!!! I have had many danes, and very few photos of me with them. More people should set aside the time to have a photo taken with their beloved dog before it is too late. Next spring I want a pic of me with my horse. Cant waitReplyCancel

  • Jillyn Myers - I cannot believe you were able to photoshop this group together! AMAZING. Thank you to all of the puppy owners for their patience and perserverance to stay while we wrangled individual pictures instead – when the plan was to do them in groups ….. We’ll know better next time! Terri that you remained calm and patient with these rambunctious puppies speaks volumes! THANK YOU.ReplyCancel