A fundraiser for the ridgies

I loved photographing the ridgies for Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue—Pacific NW Region. Every year they put another smile on my face. Nearly all of them have some obedience training and when they come in for their photo, their owners strip their collars off and the naked ridgies sit or down and seem to know exactly how to respond for the camera.

This year seemed to be over the top successful.

So many thanks goes out to Furever Pets for hosting us.

Here is the report from the group

Well, we have survived another year of the Annual Holiday Photo Fundraiser. There were 58 dogs ranging in age from 4 mo to 18 yrs, 4 children and 7 adults photographed. In that, there was 1 group of 7 dogs, 1 group of 6 dogs, one group of 4 dogs, one group of 3 dogs, six groups of 2 dogs, and 10 (yes, TEN) 4mo puppies, grandma and mom. Of the 58 attendee’s, there were 37 ridgebacks, of those 3 were rescues. The event raised $2,289.70 for RRRI.

I don’t think I have ever enjoyed coming home and putting my feet up as much as I did that day, in the same breath I have to say I enjoyed every minute.

Thanks again to ridgeback rescue for inviting me back for another year of photos.

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