Day one with my favorite rock star, Santa Paws

Santa and two kitties

Santa Paws, Poko and Wonky   

My whirlwind tour has begun with Santa Paws. My forever gratitude goes out to Santa Paws that gave up and will be giving up the better part of several Saturdays to join me in giving all of the good little dogs, kitties and other assorted critters their Christmas wishes.

Poko and Wonky were granted their wishes earlier this year when they were adopted by a young man, Ryan who adores them.

It’s weird for any pet to:

  1. Sit there and figure out what I want them to do
  2. Be plopped down in a chair with some strange lady with a giant glassy appendage hanging off of her face staring back at then barraging them with a variety of even weirder noises
  3. Have bright lights flashing at them at random times and without even so much as a warning
  4. Sit in a strangers lap that is all decked out in red

Sometimes I think it’s especially hard for kitties. The warm and comforting manner of Santa Paws seems to calm almost all of the pets. Santa Paws is so gentle and so kind that I’m guessing on any average day, an animal would find comfort with him.

We had a wonderfully fun day today at Nature’s Pet Salem. In addition to the kitties, we snuck in a few dogs and even a white rabbit.

Pet after pet cradled in Santa’s arms and whispered their Christmas wishes in his ear. With a twinkle in his eye, Santa Paws knew all of the right things to say.

So many thanks to Nature’s Pet Salem for hosting us today on our first day of our whirlwind Santa Paws tour. A huge hug and a giant thank you go out to Santa Paws.

If you missed us today, I have some really good news.

We’ll be back at Nature’s Pet Salem next Saturday, November 21 from 11 am to 3 pm for day two of our whirlwind tour.

I know it feels early for Santa photos, but the prints will be out and displayed for even more of the holiday season to enjoy.

Please come out and join us.

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