I call them the Zoyalty

Two borzoi puppies

Sage and Glory—note how Glory’s paw gently drapes over Sage’s back. She’s da boss girlfriend

The puppies are just one week shy of nine months old. I can’t believe they arrived here from Florida four months ago. Where or where has the time gone?

These two were our first experience with puppies and I can’t even begin to explain what a joy it has been. The two of them are polar opposites in personality. Glory is a princess, a diva, a goddess of grace and elegance. Sage is a love sponge, soft-spoken and sweet.

In the last month or so their puppy romp has begun morphing into this graceful borzoi glide that floats gently above the earth beneath them.

Their coats on the hand look every minute of every day like they just got out of bed. The feathers are growing but they do look a tad bit raggled.

They are as tall as most of the greyhounds now, they are officially big dogs with puppy brains.

Yes, every day they bring a smile to our faces and they definitely add to the joy in our hearts.

Borzoi puppy

Sage Brush

Love, love, love this boys freckles. It’s gonna be a very sad for me when they are too big to just pick up and flop down.

Borzoi puppy

Glory Bee

We call her Glory Halleujah. This girl has a set of pipes on her that can be heard throughout the land.

She is a princess, a diva. She owns her  calling too. She’s the one that snuggles with me at night, ever so gently jumps up to kiss me and snatches the treats from my fingers so fast I question if I really had treats at all.

I spent months fretting about having babies, now I don’t ever want them to grow up.


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