The jolly old elf is resting up

Santa and a rabbit

Santa Paws and Frankie   

I’ve been getting reports all week from the elves at the North Pole. Rumor has it that we wore Santa Paws out on his first day of our whirlwind tour out.

In true fashion of the jolly old elf, Santa has spent the week nestling in with all of of his favorite critters so that he would be in prime form this Saturday, November 21 for our second stop on our whirlwind tour.

One of my favorite memories as a young girl was always the day we brought the trunk out will all of the Christmas treasures. They only came out once a year for just a few weeks and they were always magical. Decorating for the holidays was the best.

I don’t think it is any different now. And seriously, what could be better than having an archival print of your pet with Santa?

Nature’s Pet Salem will be hosting us again this Saturday and they will be having their open house and pre-howliday sales.

They will be having 20% off all holiday items, toys, coats and sweaters. It’s the perfect time to pick up a warm jacket or sweater for your fur babies.

You can book a time for your Santa Paws session here 

Please join us at Nature’s Pet Salem on Saturday, November 21 from 11 am to 3 pm for your portrait of Santa with your pet.

Start a new tradition.

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