Happy birthday Luna

I love parties and celebrating the first birthday is even more special.




Since it was her first birthday, Luna really had no idea what was she was doing at my place. Inquiring minds certainly want to know.


A hat that only a princess could pull off wearing

When the hat and the presents came out, she had a pretty good idea what was going on and she knew it would be fun. This day was going to be all about her.



It was way better when her new BFF put on a party hat too. It felt more normal to have both of them wearing a hat.


The party cake   

So the two sat down at the table with a birthday cake and party plates. Luna wanted to make sure that Goldee didn’t get to the cake first.


Goldee wanted to make sure Luna knew she had to share.


A brief stare down and conversation about who got how much cake and when they were going to have it.

Please for some cake?

Please for some cake?   

A moment of silent begging as they waited for the word. These girls were ready to break into the cake.

Digging in

Digging in   

The moment we told them it was OK, they each reached for the their first piece of the ever-so-special first birthday cake for Luna.

The party

The party’s over   

Before they knew it, the party was over and almost at the count of three they simultaneously stripped their party hats off.

First birthday

First birthday   

Please join me in wishing Luna a very happy first birthday.

  • Nancy Fortune Garin - Terri, you have no idea how you’ve made my day! I have shed more than a few tears tonight that were not happy tears … watching (and reading this) had happy tears rolling 🙂 This was her first, but mine is in 6 days, it was absolutly a birthday present for me!! Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

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