Oh my Pete

fawn greyhound


I was tagged tonight on Facebook for the 7-day pet photo challenge by a friend.

I’m buried in photo edits for the holiday season and yet, this may have been the most important post sent my direction. It gives me the opportunity to talk about how important photos are. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone, a best friend with a new camera, a professional photo. What matters is that you have those photos.

Photos carry you through the good days, the bad days, the happy days and yes, even the impossible sad days.

Yesterday we got the confirmed diagnosis that Pete has osteosarcoma. Osteo we call it. It’s evil and unforgiving and I hate it to the very core of my being. It’s nearly impossible to beat. It’s painful, it’s aggressive and I hate it.

Pete started limping right before Thanksgiving. It’s just a pulled muscle we said. It’s nothing, not Pete. We took him for an x-ray and there wasn’t anything really remarkable on the films. A small sense of relief poured through my body and yet every time I watched him favor the leg doubt would creep in and the hopeless feeling of sadness would take over. We knew what we were probably dealing with.

Second round of x-rays confirmed our worst fears. Once again we are facing that evil, slimey monster.

We have a plan. Pete is young and vital and strong. His chest x-rays are perfect. On Friday he goes in for a right rear leg amputation. We’ll follow-up with chemo and acupuncture and hope beyond hope that just once, just one time we can beat this damned disease.

Yes,  I believe in the value of photos. They make me smile and laugh and they get me through the best of times and the worst of times.

Pet photography challenge accepted. This is my Peter, Peter Pan.


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