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Wisdom and love

Zippy    On a really good day, this look inspires me, rewards me, brings me love. On a not so good day, this is the look that promises allView full post »

Border collie

Sweet, sweet Aidan

Aidan    Their story together began 14 years ago. Scott had just lost his other dog and well, life without a dog just isn’t a life.View full post »

White and brindle greyhound

Not so much today

Fergie    One week ago we were standing out underneath the flowering plum tree enjoying balmy temperatures and enjoying the sun streamingView full post »

Dalmation mix

Smitten by a polka dotted dog

Freckles    Freckles was really only a long for the ride today when her sister came in to have portraits done. I however couldn’t notView full post »


Emma weimar

Emma Emma weimar, you were a dog that was loved beyond belief. The trips we took to the beach are some of my favorite memories. You willView full post »

Fawn greyhound

What can I say?

Pete    I never thought the weekend would arrive. I had a huge set back on Tuesday when I realized it was only Tuesday. I guess in my brainView full post »


Somes faces

Zippy    In my everyday life I’m softy, a push-over. When I see this face and look into those eyes, how on earth am I supposed to sayView full post »

Australian cattle dog mix

The love of your life is waiting

Luna Karen and I were out at Marion County Dog Shelter on Saturday to photograph the adoptable dogs. We met Luna. Be still my beatingView full post »

Australian shepherd and vizsla

A Penny for your Joy

Joy and Penny    Every once in a while my day job takes me places that I have to pinch myself to believe. In January I had a photographyView full post »

White and black greyhound

Spring is here

Mickey    Our winter has been amazingly warm. Delightful actually. I love this time of year. The first of our trees, the plum tree, isView full post »


Shades of red

Timber    I frequently turn to our own dogs for a source of creative inspiration. Timber, our borzoi, has always been one of the mostView full post »

White and black borzoi

My muse

Zippy I’ve had a little extra time and I’ve been re-visiting our vacation photos. I can’t believe that it took me thisView full post »