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Two borzoi puppies

If they could just stay little a while longer

Glory and Sage The babies just celebrated their six month birthdays and it’s even harder for me to believe that we have been homeView full post »

two borzoi puppy

Our days are busy

Sage and Glory    And well, our nights are just as busy. Having puppies around has changed all of the rules, in a very good way, butView full post »

White and red borzoi puppy

An adventure everyday

Sage     These two pups are growing like weeds. OK, they are growing faster than weeds. The breeder recently asked me if I was usingView full post »

Two borzoi puppies

More from the daily puppy

Sage and Glory    I finally got some overcast skies this weekend. I own that lighting. Everyone was thrilled to have it not quite as hot asView full post »


Lady bug, lady bug

Little Miss Lady bug    I’m currently taking an online workshop that has weekly assignments. The assignments are completely non-petView full post »

White and tan borzoi

The parentals

Aidan    I often get inquisitive looks when people find out that we drove all the way to Plant City, Florida, nearly 7,000 miles, to pickView full post »

Two borzoi puppies

Attached at the hip

Sage and Glory    I couldn’t help myself, I had to go out with the camera again tonight. These two were clearly born to be models.View full post »

Two borzoi puppies

The daily puppy

Glory and Sage    As first time puppy parents, we are learning on the fly. To the say the least, it is most fun. There are some things thatView full post »

Black borzoi

The Kid, a Knight in shining armor

They call him “The Kid” But from afar, I have admired his black beauty and known him as Knight. When we ventured off on ourView full post »

Borzoi puppies

Ready to recharge

Sage and Glory    These two play and chase, tug and tousle for hours on end. I think they have run and played on every inch of the acre.View full post »


Breakfast anyone?

A little friend we met along the way    We had stopped at a rest area in southern Idaho and this little guy was a long the edge of theView full post »

White and black borzoi

A moment

Zippy    I went out with the boys tonight for their after dinner run. I sat down in the grass while the boys chased around a bit and soon,View full post »