Exciting news coming your way

Long-haired weimaraner

Goldee has an announcement to make   

It’s true, Goldee has a very exciting announcement to send your way. We’ve been waiting months to tell everyone, but it feels like we’ve been waiting forever.

Girl and her dog

Holly and Goldee   

Holly and Joe are bubbling over with excitement in anticipation of their… well, let’s just say they have an announcement to make.

Long-haired weimaraner

Goldee looking in   

Goldee doesn’t know what is about to happen in her world, but she knows it’s gonna be big and that lots of changes are about to happen.


Long-haired weimaraner

Goldee is stepping up   

Goldee assures us however, that she is ready to do whatever she needs to make the transition smooth and easy for their new little addition to the family.

Chocolate lab


Even Autzen is excited about the news.

Chocolate lab and weimaraner

Autzen and Goldee   

OK, so maybe they are mildly worried about what is going to happen in their world. Rumor has is that mom and dad didn’t fully discuss this with them.

Enquiring minds want to know. Are they prepared for sleepless nights? Tantrums? Potty training all over again? Sharing their mom and dad? Sharing their toys? And oh no! What about sharing their bed?

Is the household ready for what is about to happen?

Stay tuned, the story is just beginning to unfold.

Chocolate lab and weimaraner

Autzen and Goldee   

Please join me in congratulating Autzen and Goldee, Joe and Holly as they announce the newest member of their little family coming to them in February! Their little bundle of joy.

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